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I am your professional vacation planner, and a member of Nexion Canada, an association of...


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Video: Where's the World's Second Biggest Oktoberfest?

Munich's annual extravaganza of beer halls, buxom girls in dirndls, pretzels and th... more
Created Sep 21 /2017 in Ontario, Canada

Video: How to Rock a Dirndl for Oktoberfest

Is Oktoberfest in your future? In Munich or a festival closer to home, you won't be... more
Created Sep 21 /2017

Top Souvenirs from Alaska

Alaska's breathtaking scenery and wildlife encounters will be memories that stay wi... more
Created Sep 21 /2017 in Alaska

Video: Take the Scenic Train from Alaska to Canada's Yukon

It's only 20 miles from Skagway, Alaska's deepwater port on the coast, to the b... more
Created Sep 21 /2017 in Alaska

Where in the World is This? For September 15th, 2017

You're probably thinking somewhere in the Wild West. Good for you if you guessed th... more
Created Sep 21 /2017 in Alaska

Video: 7 Things you didn't know about Alaska's Hubbard Glacier

The Hubbard Glacier has quite a pedigree. And being named after Gardiner Hubbard, th... more
Created Sep 21 /2017 in Alaska

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A Real Jem!

Having had experience with Laurie Ross with my travel plans over the last couple of years I feel the need to sha... more
By Denise Walker
trip to Mexico, Missouri