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Video: Where's the World's Second Biggest Oktoberfest?

on 09/20/2017 in Ontario, Canada
Munich's annual extravaganza of beer halls, buxom girls in dirndls, pretzels and the best of the 'wurst' (pun intended!) is already underway in September. If you're missing Bavaria's biggest party, you're not out of luck yet:  the world's SECOND largest Oktoberfest might be closer than you imagine. Start your Trip!

Video: How to Rock a Dirndl for Oktoberfest

on 09/20/2017 in Anywhere
Is Oktoberfest in your future? In Munich or a festival closer to home, you won't be fully into the spirit of the annual harvest celebration of Gemutlichkeit (fellowship), beer, pretzels and Wurst unless you also deck yourself in traditional Bavarian costume. The good news is: these days it's easy to rock a dirndl for women, or lederhosen for men... or...

Top Souvenirs from Alaska

on 09/20/2017 in Alaska
Alaska's breathtaking scenery and wildlife encounters will be memories that stay with you a lifetime.  But there are one-of-a-kind tangible memories you can take home as well as your photos and close-encounter stories. Lynn Elmhirst, Producer/ Host of BestTrip.TV, shares her favorite Alaskan souvenirs from her ports of call in Sitka, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Juneau on a recent Regent Seven...

Video: Take the Scenic Train from Alaska to Canada's Yukon

on 09/18/2017 in Alaska
It's only 20 miles from Skagway, Alaska's deepwater port on the coast, to the border of Canada's Yukon.  But what a 20 miles they are!  The White Pass & Yukon Route railway ride is one of the most dramatic scenic experiences in the Alaska Panhandle.  No wonder it's an all-time favorite experience for cruise travelers arriving in the preserved, Wild...

Where in the World is This? For September 15th, 2017

on 09/14/2017 in Alaska
You're probably thinking somewhere in the Wild West. Good for you if you guessed the Wild North-West. We walked off our Regent Seven Seas cruise to Alaska and felt like we were walking back in time.  Specifically, to 1896 when gold was found in the Klondike in Canada's Yukon. There are a hundred preserved Gold Rush era buildings in downtown...

Video: 7 Things you didn't know about Alaska's Hubbard Glacier

on 09/14/2017 in Alaska
The Hubbard Glacier has quite a pedigree. And being named after Gardiner Hubbard, the man who founded or co-founded the National Geographic Society, Bell Telephone and the journal 'Science', puts a lot of pressure on a glacier.  Luckily, the Hubbard Glacier is used to pressure, and guaranteed to impress, even awe. This 'river of ice' is a natural wonder of...

Tips About Travel Post-Hurricane Irma

on 09/14/2017 in Caribbean
You'll notice we aren't using a photo for this story.  That's because there's not much good to see. Hurricane Irma is possibly the most destructive natural event ever to strike certain parts of the Caribbean.  What about Travel? Information is trickling in, but here's the best available information we have today from 3rd party sources about the situation: Tourists are...

You Need This Suitcase For Your Next Trip to Wine Country

on 09/05/2017 in Anywhere
What's the only downside of finding that perfect wine abroad?  Getting it home.  If your dream is traveling to vineyards and stocking your cellar with those one-of-a-kind bottles you can't get from your local wine seller, this is the suitcase for you.  Unless you like wrapping wine bottles in sweaters in your luggage and hoping for the best, that is....

There's a New Tallest Building West of the Mississippi

on 09/04/2017 in Los Angeles
With a hotel.  And the highest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere.   The Wilshire Grand Center on famous Wilshire Boulevard towers 73 stories over downtown Los Angeles' historic, entertainment, financial, arts, and sports districts and added new texture to the city skyline. The tower is spectacular.  A glass-clad skyscraper topped with a spire that makes it 1099 feet (335...

Crystal Strikes a Chord with a New Rhine Class of River Cruise Ships

on 09/04/2017 in Europe
Instead of river cruises, they're calling them river yachts.  Crystal has translated its uber-luxury sea experience to the rivers of Europe with a new, 'Rhine' class of river yachts, evoking the great music icons of the region. Four Crystal Rhine Class river yachts launch in 2017-2018. In creating a new, signature Crystal experience on the waterways of Europe, the company...