Latin America Adventure Tour

Copan & Tikal
From the splendid colonial buildings of Antigua we travel to Honduras and one of the grandest of all city-states: Copan, famed for its intricate sculptures and hieroglyphic stairway. Crossing the border back into Guatemala, we head to our comfortable lodge in Flores. From here we explore the impressive 20-storey temples at Tikal, where the ruins rise above the jungle canopy.

Yucatan Traverse
Crossing the border to Mexico by boat, we travel west to Palenque, which at its peak was governed by one of the Mayan Kingdom's greatest rulers, Lord Pakal. Then begins our journey up the Yucatan Peninsula, after pausing at Campeche we arrive in Merida a bustling metropolis with a lively colonial centre.

Chichen Itza & Caribbean Beaches
Perhaps one of the most recognisable sites, the pyramid temple at Chichen Itza is justifiably famous and we get here early to avoid the crowds. Our journey finishes in Playa de Carmen, where we can relax on the beautiful Caribbean beaches and swim in the warm turquoise seas.

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Hand-picked and chosen for their character, location or local importance, these properties have excellent facilities and a higher level of comfort and service.  They provide the perfect wind down after an active day.


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Tour Type: Small Groups

Tour Pace: Busy

Breakfasts: 14

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Accomodation: 14 nights

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