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When you think of Argentina, do you think about power, passion and control you must process when Tango dancing, the big cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires or the unique majestic beauty of Patagonia?  Argentina has it all and commands your attention because this destination can be explored all year-round.  Argentina is the second largest country in South America featuring diverse landscape and so many “things to do and see” that will appeal to any age.  Each region will reward you with vivid memories of the beautiful people, their history and culture.  Don’t forget that Argentina has some of the most fertile agricultural farmland in the world and in some areas gauchos’ treasure the 1 – 3 meters of topsoil and the opportunity to produce two crops in one year.

Buenos Aires is a vibrant large city and the capital of Argentina.   This desirable European-like city welcomes tourists from all over the world and offers an abundance of beautiful parks, shopping, museums, sightseeing, gourmet cuisine and vibrant nightlife.  The Recoleta cemetery is one of the most famous spots to visit to see the resting place of María Eva Duarte Peron. You’ll wander for hours to view the impressive collection of granite and marble statues amongst the crypts that hold the remains of the rich, famous and influential people.  If you have time, the Evita Peron museum showcases the life of the most important woman of Argentine history.

A Tango show is probably on your list of things to do.  Well there is no shortage of shows but if budget is a concern, when strolling along the streets you will encounter an engaging tango demonstration.  Careful or you might be participating and providing entertainment for the curious crowd.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show.  Ticket price includes hotel pick up/return, dinner and an intense production of professional dancers in exquisite costumes accompanied by a fantastic live band.

Plan on spending at least 3 days in Buenos Aires, then you will understand why so many people fall in love with this amazing city.  The secret is out – What are you waiting for?  Argentina is “epic”

Watch for my next update as I am off to Ushuaia, the city that claims the southernmost city in the world.  

By Contact a Travel Professional on 07/24/2012 in Buenos Aires

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