Laurie reminded me the benefits of using a good travel agent!

The last time I used a travel agent, I was in my early 20's. I was facing an amazing opportunity and challenge as I was heading off to India for an adventure. In the last almost 2 decades, I have relied solely on the internet for travel booking, mostly for work. The tech available in our homes has made booking flight tickets extremely easy and convenient and with my usage, travel agents seemed obsolete. I am a capable professional woman, so getting myself from A to B is fairly uncomplicated. 

Recently, I decided to take some time for myself and book a cruise vacation…while working an 80-hour work week…which is precisely why I needed to have a vacation. My internet searches were nothing short of disappointing. The vacation I was searching for began to look more laborious and less relaxing. If I had booked my own trip, I would have found myself doing extensive traveling just to get to and from the vacation. Frankly, I would have not been able to go on vacation at all, given the time restraints.  This is when I turned to Laurie. I've known her for years and have trusted her with my business transactions for many of them. I tasked her with finding me a new adventure. All I had to do was provide her with a list of fairly difficult parameters and she came up with the vacation that I had spent almost 2 weeks trying to create. Laurie made my vacation a reality and reminded me of the benefits of a great travel agent. Worry-free effortless booking. Travel discounts. She took care of the small details, like pre-paid gratuities.  She was enthusiastic about booking this trip for me.  She provided personal service and booked the trip the same way she would have done for herself! A vacation from vacation booking!

by Heather Grant trip to Alaska Peninsula

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