60 Second Geography – Buenos Aires

No time like the present to visit Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America. Still recovering from the 2001 peso crisis, the city is not the expensive destination of the late 1990’s. With the strong US dollar and a very cheap peso, Buenos Aires is an unheard of bargain.

  • Buenos Aires is home to more than 40 percent of the population of Argentina. This South American metropolis has a rich, passionate history that is inseperable from its character.
  • Buenos Aires resonates as an almost European city. The colonial architecture was built by French, Italian and Spanish immigrants echoes of its European culture are distinct and everywhere.
  • The moment you set down in the airport, the energy of Buenos Aires is evident. The rich and alluring architecture goes on forever and from the Plaza de Mayo to residential neighborhoods such as La Boca and San Telmo you will find a vibration that is unique to this South American capital. Excellent public transportation is available to carry you from neighborhood to neighborhood.
  • La Boca, on the banks of the Río Riachuelo, was originally a merchantile shipyard. The neighborhood is most famous the early origins of the tango which found its genesis in the quilombos (bordellos) that were plentiful in the early years of the city.
  • The tango has its origin in Buenos Aires. Each year in February and March the annual Tango Festival holds sway for 6 days. Tango lovers from all over the world mix with locals. Both experts and beginners are in attendance at the many dance salons.
  • La Recoleta is the city’s most exclusive residential area and has a very European ambiance. Visit during the weekends to experience the many street performances, art fairs, and events.
  • La Recoleta Cemetery, burial place of Evita Peron, is a tourist attraction of note. The monuments of Argentina’s ruling class are visited daily by thousands of travelers who leave flowers at Peron’s grave.

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