Want to increase those likes, shares and comments on your vacation photos this year? Instead of spending a ton on an expensive camera, grab your smartphone and follow these easy tips and tricks from the pros.


Brighter is better – Natural light is your friend. To get a great photo, put yourself in a position to get the best shot. If you’re indoors, set up your shot next to a large window. However, if you’re outside in the midafternoon, direct sunlight can be too harsh on your subject. Look for creative ways to shade your subject to keep your photo balanced. You can also aim to shoot outside during the fabled “golden hour”- during sunrise and sunset.


Avoid too much zoom – Drastic zooming on any subject can create an unwanted grain to any photo. If you need to zoom, wait until you already have the image you want and then zoom and crop in the editing phase.


Focus is key – Your camera’s autofocus could be doing your photos more harm than good. Luckily, most smartphones allow you to pinpoint your photo’s focus directly from your palm. Set up your shot, and then touch and hold the main focal point on your screen until you see the yellow Auto Exposure/Auto Focus Lock appear. Take your photo as normal, and the final image should clearly be clearer.


Polish polish polish – Once you’ve selected your favorites, it’s time to make them shine. There are dozens of options and free apps for your phone that will give your photos a professional edge, with VSCO and Snapseed being our personal favorites. Download a few, play around with their options and see which ones you like best. Most times, all your photos need is a little cropping and lightening to make them pop.

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