A Peru Adventure

This journey will take you on an amazing life time experience of  inspiration.  Experience an incredible 10-day trip to Peru with G Adventures, where you’ll discover Peru’s stunning natural wonders and be immersed in local culture, with the region’s leading experts as your guide, the sky’s the limit in this inspiring place.

From Lima to Cusco, on August 4-13, 2019, you will:

  • Wake up to the sounds of jungle life in the exclusive and relaxed G Lodge Amazon nestled inside the abundant Tambopata Rainforest.
  • Watch the stunning scenery from thousands of feet high in a plane, navigate the waters in boat and canoe, and hike the spectacular mountain trails.
  • Explore the ancient and impressive Pisac and Machu Picchu ruins.
  • Gain special access to exclusive encounters with National Geographic Journeys, including the Cusco Planetarium.
  • Be guided by a local through the “Parque de la Papa” (“Potato Park”), where you’ll watch how the local agricultural communities are working to preserve 700 potato species in Peru’s Sacred Valley.
  • Experience the Andean culture and see how important traditional weaving and potato cultivation is to preserve it.
  • Keep your travel dollars in the local communities by supporting local businesses, such as when you eat at the Sacred Valley Parwa Community Restaurant operated by residents.
  • Camp for three nights in the locally owned and managed Cuncani Community Campsite while hiking the stunningly scenic Lares Trail on your way to Machu Picchu (if you’d rather not camp, we’ve got you covered with a hotel in Cusco, the center of the ancient Inca empire, where you can catch a beautifully scenic train ride to Machu Picchu instead of hiking the trail).

Book your Peru experience with confidence, knowing that G Adventures is a strong believer in respecting the environment and supporting local communities, causing travel to give back to the world instead of taking away from it.

Your entire Peru package, including all of your accommodations and internal transportation, plus 19 meals, only costs $323 CAD per day, a total of $3,229 CAD for an incredible 10-day Peru adventure.

Deposit only $400 CAD per person.

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