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Any coach (life, fitness, health, business) will tell you to create your bucket list of activities, dream homes and/or vacations to get you visualizing the future. It’s important to take time for the things you enjoy in life, things that will make you feel energized and excited all in one. 

What is a bucket list?

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It is a list of things you’d like to do, places you want to see and activities that you find valuable to you. When you start thinking about what you really want to add to a bucket list, they will go hand in had with you values.  It can be a combination of adventure, nature, travel, relationships, contribution, creativity, education, health and wellness, finance & luxury, entertainment and more. It really comes down to you and what YOU want to do!

A few items I have check off my own list!


valentine's sale (1)– Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

– Getting published in a real book

– Moving my family to Mexico and giving up the traditional grind

– Create a successful business and help and support women around the world

– Swim with dolphins

– Complete an iron-man


I have a list of about 356 items on my own bucket list BUT you can have as many as you want.  Here are a few from that list I still want to accomplish. There are many many others to give you an idea of what it can look like:

My bucket List:

valentine's sale (2)◽ Dog Sled

◽ Ride a hot air balloon

◽ Zip Line

◽ Write a book

◽ Trek in Peru

◽ Learn a new language

◽Host a retreat

◽Visit Iceland



The GREAT part of a bucket list is that it is up to you! If you want to go shark diving, put it on the list. If you want a star named after you. Add it. You want to visit every continent (on mine as well), do it! There are no rules and no dream is too big! That is the beauty of the bucket list.

It is not just about a wish list. You need to do things to make each item become a reality. You can pick a few to work on each year, or break them down into months.


Why is Peru on my Bucket List?  

Ever since I was younger and watched a video on the trek in Peru and Machu Picchu, I was hooked. How amazing would it be to see this land, challenge myself both physically and mentally? Like some bucket list items, I figured it would happen someday without much of a plan or goal.

valentine's sale (3).png


If you fail to plan, plan to fail!


Years went by and nothing happened.  I was busy on other items of my bucket list.  Then last year a client of mine starting mentioning Machu Picchu as a goal of hers. She wanted to trek the Inca Trail. We create a training plan and started talking more about how great it would be to do an adventure trip to Peru. Have a trip of a LIFETIME, including the physically and mental training to get there.  I got excited and wanted to plan it right away.  Life circumstances meant I had to postpone the trip BUT now in August 2019 a group of us are going to Peru for 10+ days

to experience the culture, the food and do the trek. It is going to be AMAZING!! I cannot wait to train for this trip and have some amazing friends and clients along with me.

If Machu Picchu and the trek have always been on your bucket list, maybe this is the time to make it happen. With Laurie from Ah Weh Vacations + Garry from G Adventures, we have created the PERFECT trip for everyone in mind.


valentine's sale (4)

6 months online interactive group training with Evolve4You

National Geographic Journeys exploration trip

10 day Peru adventure (Cusco Planetarium, Urubamba experience, Rainforest excursion)

Guided tour of Machu Picchu

Internal flights + ground transportation

Nightly accommodation

9 breakfasts + 6 lunches + 4 dinners

Sacred Valley 3 day trek with local guide, cook and porters


I am so excited to check this off my bucket list.

Come and join us and you can to!

~Lindsay Hack

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