Saturday April 6 930 am – 1030 am

FREE three day live stream event for entrepreneurs who are thinking about, or trying to have more of an ONLINE presence !! xo

about…… inspiration, motivation and STEPS to start taking your work online and serving it to more and more people xo Building confidence is HUGE! I you’ll get you a burst of it during this event!!

Day 1: All the possibilities and ideas to bring ANY and all businesses online

Day 2: Where do you even start? (like really how do you get your idea online)

Day 3: 3 steps to gain and keep momentum online, and TRUST that you’re courses/ services/ products and store SHOULD and CAN be online (even if theres others doing the “same” thing as you) *Find our why that doesn’t even matter!*

Live Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 9am MTN time right here on Facebook!

**If you’re feeling excited about the idea of creating more freedom with your time and doing business from anywhere (The live stream will from Palm Springs! How cool is that ! Use the link below to join in on the fun!

Click above to join the fun

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