A few years ago she sat down in her home based fitness studio and thought — “I have NO More hours in the day to take more clients!”

She started to think “how can I do something different?”

“How can I use my passion and strengths to help more people – and go beyond the city I live in?”

But — she was SUPER tired, she was working 12+ hours a day, had two kids under 4 at home — and was doing ALL the things in her business.

Customer care, marketing, emails, teaching….eeek!!

While she was in health coach school – she realized TWO things:

1. Other people were selling courses online

2. I personally was signing up for courses and paying for them online (from how to be a better fitness instructor to ways to use canva!)

So why couldn’t she?

This is the big question to ask yourself— YOU HAVE an idea, a business and YOU have 100001 ways to bring it online but sometimes it takes looking around, attending a few classes and being INSPIRED by others to move yours forward.

In 6 weeks she put together a course— a 6 week course showing women that their weight was important but what was more important was having fun, shaking things up and spending time around others…..not to mention GIFTING yourself with gratitude.

Thing is — that night in the studio CHANGED her business…she took a small idea (“take my business online”) and HAD NO idea how to do it — but committed to figuring it out!

3 years later & many many online courses, do not have the studio anymore and spend most days helping other women build their businesses and teach marketing!

This is her TOP priority tomorrow — calling in the women who are sitting, wondering, thinking, maybe even struggling to think “but how can I bring my make up studio/ daycare/ accounting / idea” online…….to attend our Free masterclass.

It will take time (there are no promises of 30 day transformations) but….with the right push in the RIGHT direction (aka attend the class)….. I you’ll be inspired.

Attend the class tomorrow at 12pm MTN or 7pm MTN (I’m teaching it virtual and will be there LIVE!) and get a BONUS BOOK ——> 100 ways to bring your business online and market it! (SO COOL RIGHT!!)

If you’ve been were I’ve been, and want to see how so many others are bringing businesses online – this class is for you. If you are in network marketing, a store front…..lawyer, accountant — you are going to be PRETTY frigin amazed at the opportunities to build online.

Ill see you tomorrow xo GIFS for celebrating your upcoming online business xo xo

Sign up HERE don’t miss out!

I’ll see you March 28th at 12pm or 7pm MTN! xo

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