An adventure holiday is an amazing way to stay in shape, focus on your health and wellness AND get an incredible holiday you will never forget.

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As some people train for races or events in their hometown, booking and training for an
adventure holiday is similar BUT with wonderful endgame.

I have trained clients who have done bicycle tours in Italy and France.
I have trained clients who have climbed to Everest Base Camp.
I have trained clients for iron-man races in Hawaii.

Each one a little different but all with the same outcome “OMG I did it!” There is nothing more empowering than completing something you have trained towards and made it happen.  I love adventure holidays because it combines my two favourite things – Travel and Fitness! You get to focus on a goal (the trip date), using the type of adventure (cycling, hiking, racing) to create the best training plan and the most likely to succeed.

The most important aspect of any adventure holiday is KNOWLEDGE of what is to come. For our Peru trip in August 2019, I know we will be trekking on average about 10 km/day, 4000m passes, high altitude and challenging terrain. With the knowledge I can create training plans for the members who are coming.

We will be focusing on aerobic training, leg and upper body training, lots of practice hiking and MENTAL preparation. All of these elements will be key to success.

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Aerobic Training – cardiovascular activities that use oxygen to adequately meet the demands of exercise through aerobic metabolism. We will focus on light to moderate intensity activities like long distance running/walking, swimming and cycling. These will help build your cardiovascular system which is key for the trek.

Leg & Upper Body Training – Focusing on the muscles in your legs and upper body will help during the trek. Lunges, squats, back pull and shoulder raise are a few that would be helpful.  This is not about creating defined muscles (Ripped) it is functional muscles to help do the everyday movements in the trek.

Practice Hiking – Peru Lares Trek HIking Travellers Landscape-Leo Tamburri 2011-IMGP7412 processed Lg RGBHiking the trail in Peru will be hard to replicate unless you live in Peru, however doing multiple hikes leading up to the trip is key. A long walk along a groomed path is very different to a high altitude traversing passes and rocky terrain. Finding at least 2-3 long distance hikes in your home area is all part of the training plan. This will also give you an opportunity to test out your gear. Brand new hiking boots are great BUT not on day 1 in Peru.  Practice using them (your walking poles, your jacket, and other gear) during your hikes at home.

Peru Cuzco Hummingbird Flowers Garden-Devon Howitt 2013-DevonHowitt59 Lg RGBMental Prep – Training for most events is mental as well as physical. There will be points in the trek when you will struggle. We know this for a FACT and will plan for it. The attitude you hike with will get you to the end or not. We will be focused on many different mindset and mental training during the course of the training plan to help be successful along the way.

This trip, the training plan, the adventure holiday to Peru is for people of various fitness levels and ages. If you focus on these aspects, you will have success in completing this trek.  You get the trip + all the training for this once in a lifetime adventure.

I cannot wait to be there when everyone says “OMG I did it!!”

What are you waiting for?  Come join us!

~ Lindsay Hack

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